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March 22, 1948
Webber was born
1st musical
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Jesus Christ Superstar
Song and Dance
Starlight Express
Phantom of the Opera

Evita becomes a movie
Aspects of Love
Sunset Boulevard
Whistle Down the Wind

-Collaborated with Tim Rice
-Songs became hits
-Collaborated with Tim Rice
-Rock Opera
-Won 7 Tony Awards
-Numerous Awards
-Based on T.I Elliot's book
-Well known songs
-2 parts
- Lloyd Webber's brother, Julian played in 1 of the parts.
-Rock, blues, and country elements
- 1st major legitimate stage production in a gambling city.
-In honor of his father
-Based on Gaston Lereoux's book (same title)
-Well know songs
-Adaption of David Garnett's tale
-Lasted 3 years in London
-Based on movie
-Well known songs
-Collaborated with Jim Steinman
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Summary of Accomplishments:

Long Lasting Productions:
Andrew Lloyd Webber has made some of the longest productions in London’s West End and Broadway, such as Cats, Phantom of the Opera, and Starlight Express. Since 1979, where Evita opened, there had always been an Andrew Lloyd Webber production in Broadway until 2004. The productions have not only been long lasting, but shown worldwide as well. Lloyd Webber’s shows have played in Australia, China, Japan, Spain, and Mexico to name a few.

Collage of Elements in the Musicals:
Lloyd Webber uses pop and rock music in his plays. The pop elements can be seen in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Its music was defined by its melodic figure, snappy rhythm, and spiky and clear sound, which made the music memorable and a reflection of its time. The rock elements are seen in Jesus Christ Superstar. It’s a reflection of its time and contained a blues structure. Lloyd Webber’s use of elements added variation and they created his musical style, so to speak. He ended up using mixtures of the two elements. Phantom of the Opera is a great example. The types of music were to fit into the personalities of the various characters. They also set the tone for the whole production.

Playing the Personalities and Situations:
A brilliant way to show just how Andrew Lloyd Webber’s compositions that play on the mood and personality is Phantom of the Opera. The songs echo the personalities of the characters and what they are feeling. The scales sharpen, the melodies change, and the songs in general show what the various characters are thinking. The lyrics show the personalities of the various characters, for example Point of No Return. The chorus reflects on how one of the characters acts around another.

Time to Hit the Big Screen:
Lloyd Webber’s musicals have not only been hits on stage, but some have even made it to the movies. Some of these musicals include Cats, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Jesus Christ Superstar.

Social, Political, and Economic Background:

Embedded Technology:


1. What elements are commonly seen in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s works?
2. Which production was divided into two parts?
3. How does Andrew Lloyd Webber play on the personalities in his productions?
4. Which play was the first to legitimately play in a gambling city?
5. True or False. Lloyd Webber grew up surrounded by music.
6. True or False. Lloyd Webber’s productions have played in only two countries,
7. True or False. Evita had been on Broadway from 1990 until 2004.
8. True or False. Jesus Christ Superstar won 7 Tony awards
9. True or False. Aspects of Love was made in honor of Lloyd Webber’s father.
10. Fill in the Blank. The reflect what the other character act around the other.

Answers: 1. pop and rock, 2. Song and Dance, 3. by changing the scales and melodies, 4. Starlight Express, 5. True, 6. False, 7. False, 8. True, 9. False, 10. chorus


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