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Bill Gates. 2004. AP Images. Web. 25 Feb. 2010.

Summary of Bill Gates’ Accomplishments

Microsoft Corporation

William H. Gates (Bill Gates) is an inspirational man who advanced technology by extending the boundary of what machines can do. Bill Gates clearly had a talent that distinguished him from the rest. It was the talent to hack computers, which had become his passion, which he had started accomplishing when he attended Lakeside School. At Lakeside School, Gates impressively wrote his first software program at the age of thirteen, which was tic-tac-toe. Gates had met Paul Allen at Lakeside, where they shared a mutual interest in computer programming. In 1975, with the help with Paul Allen, he wrote the first versatile software program, Altair BASIC, that became the industry standard. Extending his accomplishment, Gates dropped out of Harvard in 1976, in order to build Microsoft. Bill Gate's accomplishment influenced the world, especially at work and in school. For example, Microsoft's products allow businesses to run productively. While in school, they allow us to use the different programs on the software. Gates followed his passion, earning him billions of dollars and recognition around the world for his accomplishments.

"There will be a day, not far distant, when you will be able to conduct business, study, explore the world and its cultures, call up any great entertainment, make friends, attend neighborhood markets, and show pictures to distant relatives--without leaving your desk or armchair. It will be more than an object you carry or an appliance you purchase. It will be your passport into a new, mediated way of life. " (Gates)

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The Stand-Up Foundation

The Bill & the Melinda Gates Foundation works to aid all people to lead healthy, productive lives. This organization focuses mostly on developing countries that lack basic needs such as food, water, and shelter. In the United States, the foundation seeks to ensure that all people, especially those with the fewest resources, have the access to the opportunities they need to succeed in school and life. Within this organization, there is a global health program, which strengthens health care. They use advanced tools such as vaccines and drugs to fight and prevent diarrheal diseases, HIV/AIDS, malaria, pneumonia, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. They also focus on family planning nutrition, child healthcare, tobacco control and vaccine-preventable diseases. This organization also provides a program for the United States, which is to improve the number of student graduates, along with a better education. Bill & Melinda created the Gates Foundation in 2000, since they believed in the principle that every human life has an equal value. "The life of an impoverished child in a developing country is as precious as the life of a middle-class kid in a developed one." (Gates) Billions of people today do not have the chance to live a healthy, productive life. With this foundation, Gates and Melinda want to help all the people so they have the opportunity to live a beautiful, successful, and healthy life.

Social, Political, and Economic Background of Bill Gates:


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:

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